Software Development

Quantum’s application development team will deliver enterprise level custom solutions specific to your needs, custom tailored to address all your specific business requirements. Our engineers work very closely with business analysts to understand and compile the requirements to create a “Functional Specification” before implementing solutions. Our staff is very experienced in problem solving and anticipating future enhancements. Quantum’s product development approach will ensure your solution is built on proven tools and techniques with the “hooks” for expandability. Our team employs Agile software development methodology to ensure a quality end-product.

Quantum’s product based development methodology allows us to re-use core modules. The benefit is a drastically reduced time for the design, development, and testing cycles. Employing a pre-developed building block approach lowers risk and allows you the benefit of receiving additional functionality. We employ a “zero digital footprint” policy and unless it is an absolute requirement, there are no thick clients requiring any sort of installations. We have experience developing web applications catering to: content management, process improvement, work-flow and process automation, application modernization - including migrating legacy applications to the latest technology, e-commerce, manufacturing applications, and HR solutions.

Our primary focus:

  • Anticipate change and build flexibility into your solution
  • Create applications utilizing a building block approach
  • Use standard frameworks for ease of implementation and maintenance
  • Provide an intuitive user experience

Quantum’s mobile application development team consists of architects and engineers that specialize both in back-end and front-end development. All our applications are developed with primary focus on usability & low-latency. We deliver both native and hybrid solutions based on a detailed analysis of your specific needs. We employ a true product development methodology, in all of our solutions, creating reusable components for better quality and maintainability.

Our design team and architects work very closely with you to clearly understand the requirements and provide specific recommendations on the approach, the type of application (native or hybrid), and business rule dispersion - in an attempt to maximize usage of all the available resources. Quantum’s engineers and test teams are very familiar with all the latest development tools and will work closely, with your team, to deliver a state-of-the-art application. Our development teams include iOS, Android and Windows programmers, and quality analysts.

Our primary focus:

  • Provide best-in-class solutions, while minimizing costs related to development, test, and maintenance
  • Distribute functionality across available resources to aptly utilize them and greatly reduce application latency
  • Rapid application prototyping – always keeping you informed and interacting
  • Advanced version & release management

Quantum’s skilled engineering team specializes in custom database development. This includes the: management, administration, fine-tuning, support, and integration. Our database design architects are very experienced with both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Utilizing our 20+ years of experience, we implement best in practice techniques to optimally structure and design our databases. Considering all of the finished product requirements, our solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and usability, which supports: high-volume inputs and transactions, complex queries, and detailed data analysis.

We architect the databases based on your specific requirements and offer a design to effectively address all the transactional and analytical requirements. Our team will work closely with you to identify all the physical and logical constraints and provide you with a cost-effective and high-performance database solution. We have successfully designed and deployed very large, high-data intensive database designs spanning over SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, MongoDB etc.

  • Provide custom high-performance solutions
  • Address all input and output requirements
  • Provide cost effective solutions that are fine-tuned to minimize expensive hardware requirements
  • Provide optimized solutions to maximize analytical capabilities
  • Design solutions to efficiently maintain data integrity and properly manage errors

Quantum engineering staff has touched pretty much every PLC controller, going back over 30 years. PLC systems are one of our core strengths and in our DNA. Our staff consists of former International Programmable Controller (IPC) committee chair members, responsible for authoring articles relating to advanced PLC programming techniques. Everything from simple conveyance systems through complicated work operations – implementing: PID, object oriented, rule based, goal matching, and fuzzy logic techniques, Quantum has done it. This includes both Discrete and Batch manufacturing operations.

Today’s flexible manufacturing \ data driven environments are requiring the PLC applications to do more than they once were. Originally designed to replace hard-wired relay logic - for electricians - today’s “control” systems may require a knowledge of diagnostics, traceability, configurability, and MES integration. The PLC development techniques and languages are now more sophisticated and dominated by true programmers with an additional knowledge of electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and shop floor processes. Programs that are written “the old fashion way”, are probably hardcoded and not flexible to change. Subsequent edits to the code open you up to bugs and potential downtime. Getting the right team on your controls initiative is key to your future success. One minute of unplanned downtime can equate to upwards of $10,000.00 – we’re here to make sure you don’t feel that pain.

Our product development approach doesn’t stop when it comes to PLC code development. Anticipating change and putting “hooks” in the code, to support change is paramount. Too often, the smallest change in the process, will cause unnecessary, complicated, and hard to manage changes in the PLC code. It’s very risky to alter code that’s in production and often hard to schedule time for installing and testing the modifications. Our in depth knowledge of PLC programming, coupled with our MES products and business intelligence offerings, will ensure your system is designed with flexibility \ configurability in mind.

Our primary focus:
  • Flexibility through configurability
  • 100% uptime
  • Highly structured applications to support ease of maintenance
  • Seamless HMI and\or MES integration
  • Total adherence to your standards

Call it what you will: UI, HMI, GUI, SCADA, etc... it's all the same stuff. Take some sort of graphical development tool - or - programming language, and create screens for people to have a portal into the process. User Interfaces can live at numerous tiers within your business practice and need to be scoped and selected accordingly. For example, a typical facility may have: Machine Control, Line Monitoring, Area Monitoring, Scheduling, Maintenance, Quality, and Plant Monitoring UIs. Throw in all the other stuff you do, and you wind up with a lot of equipment enabling you to control and observe your products\process. The hardware and software, which you select, to achieve your vision really matters. Maybe you need to view the process from your iPod while vacationing at your favorite fishing spot in Nakina (let's hope not). The reality is, that today's competitive world economy requires us to make good decisions and to do it fast. Information needs to be presented so it's easy to find and easy to understand. Screen colors must be consistent and used to give information - not just to make screens look pretty.

So what kinds of things do you need to consider? Cost, Location, Touch Screen, Web Capability, Data Retention, Data Analysis, Networking, Look and Feel, Multi-lingual support, Speed, Size, Mouse Interface, Communication Protocols, Operating Systems, Color Blindness Standards, etc...

We've developed with virtually every top name product and have our own product offerings as well. We get how to do this and we'll make your app look amazing. Your staff will have concise focused capabilities at their fingertips so you can relax and know the job is getting done.

We’re ready to answer your questions, discuss your needs, and deliver solutions that exceed your goals.

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