Q-Trace is a web-based product designed to collect, store, and report manufacturing and assembly processes data across the entire enterprise. It provides complete traceability and absolute transparency, tracking each and every part and component that comprises your product—no matter where it is in the supply chain—and ensuring compliance with traceability and quality control standards.

The location of every part and component, at every moment, across your entire enterprise

Q-Trace allows a complete view of your entire assembly and manufacturing process, providing serialized tracking, traceability, and product birth history information. By integrating with every aspect of your supply chain—internal and external—across multiple locations, Q-Trace is able to collect relevant data as it relates to suppliers and component producers, manufacturing and assembly systems, as well as test and modeling processes, creating a complete product genealogy.

In a time of frequent and costly product recalls, quality control regulations, and suppliers located all over the world, effective traceability is essential. As parts and products travel globally, the ability to identify where a specific component came from can help keep suppliers and internal business units accountable, allow for faster and more accurate recalls, and lower the overall risk profile of your operation. The ability to conduct a focused, cost-effective recall is now essential. Failure at any point of the recall process can be disastrous.

Q-Trace gives you the capability to automatically collect data from a range of devices and systems—including, RFID, barcode readers, PLCs, SLCs, cameras, and hand-held devices—while also providing manual data entry interfaces to relate inspection/audit data to specific components.

Through a range of report options—including Birth History, Reverse Traceability, First Time Through, Production Summary, Traced Components, Quality Attributes Analysis, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)—Q-Trace seamlessly integrates with Q-Net Report and Q-Dashboard making it possible to create customizable ad hoc reports that fit your specific requirements.

With Q-Trace you know where everything is, from the smallest part to the largest assembly—and everything in between.

What Q-Trace can do
  • Provides detailed historical data
  • Minimizes recall size
  • Integrates with overlaying ERP systems (SAP)
  • Standardizes and enforces traceability processes
  • Captures traceability data for sub-assemblies or finished parts
  • Improves data accuracy and integrity
  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Reduces warranty claims
  • Complies with internal and external regulatory standards
  • Simplifies problem solving

Integrating part-management across your enterprise

In today’s interconnected and international marketplace, the need for manufacturing traceability is increasing as commercial pressures grow to meet expanding external regulatory requirements and internal efficiency mandates. Today, traceability is more than simply knowing where items are in your supply chain—production, finishing, quality control, distribution, delivery—now traceability is tied directly to efficiency, risk, and compliance management. The failure to have a robust and seamless traceability program can cost your business in a variety of ways. However, as manufacturing has become more complex, true end-to-end traceability has become more difficult.

Q-Trace solves this problem, efficiently and at any scale, mitigating the risk of product recalls, reducing manufacturing costs, and allowing for comprehensive and actionable quality controlling processes. Manufacturing organizations can reduce inefficiencies across the supply chain—no matter how long or how far it stretches.

With the ability to integrate across your entire system, Q-Trace gives you TraceVisibility throughout your organization—collecting, aggregating, and presenting vital information. Our system helps you make meaningful connections between your manufacturing data and the people who use and need it. When you have TraceVisibility you can anticipate issues before they become delays, and shorten delays before they can become costly disruptions.

At a time when a single new product requires hundreds or even thousands of individual components—all from different and desperate suppliers—the ability to quickly view, and when necessary touch, one specific piece at any moment is essential. Q-Trace eliminates blind spots, providing complete and clear visibility from the top down, to the bottom up, to every stage in between.

Collect data in real time

The effective management of quality and traceability information has become critical to the strategic and competitive success of manufacturing organizations. Q-Trace gives your business the ability to not only trace components, but also collect the data in real-time, and at every step of the manufacturing process through serialized tracking, part-lot-product-defect tracking, sub-assembly and kitting assembly tracking, and other drill-down and sorting methodologies. As an enterprise-level tool, this capacity for data collection and aggregation translates into actionable information that can be used to manage compliance, plan and forecast, anticipate production issues, error-proof, and make system adjustments on the fly.

Knowing where everything is—whether it’s across the continent or across the room—is an essential tool for today’s manufacturing enterprise, allowing you to make better decisions, streamline systems, and control costs across your entire manufacturing and supply chain.

Adapting to the way you work

They way you work is changing every day. Most of those changes are small, requiring slight shifts to systems or schedules with little impact to your overall operation. But some of those changes are big—requiring major adjustments that can impact every aspect of your manufacturing process. These changes are a fact of business, especially today.

That’s why Q-Trace was engineered from the ground up to adapt to these changes, with minimally invasive interruptions and drag and drop functionality. Whenever you are required to make a system change, you will have the tools and resources to do it without sacrificing traceability. No more fighting with hard-coded applications and taking on the risk, maintenance, and uncertainty of continuous software releases. With Q-Trace, you can make configuration adjustments as needed, to fit your unique requirements.

Making data analysis actionable through adaptability

Today’s global manufacturing enterprise, faces a unique challenge—produce quality products, at the lowest possible price, while staying in compliance with all standards and regulations. To complicate things, this all as to happen across disparate locations, technology platforms, workforces, suppliers, and processes. To succeed in this environment, companies need to take all the information collected and turn it into actionable and useful data—even if that data comes in from different locations and in different forms.

Manufacturers today must be able to consolidate data from their own manufacturing, quality control, compliance, and warehousing systems, and align it with information from external sources and suppliers. Q-Trace lets you clearly identify and distinguish data coming from different sources—allowing it to be easily analyzed as needed.

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