Q-Net Report (Sapphire)

A scalable solution for enterprise-wide reporting, analysis, and operations management, Q-Net Report Sapphire dramatically improves the performance and efficiency of even the most complex business operations system. From the shop floor to the C-Suite, Q-Net Report Sapphire empowers your business through dynamic information management.

Harness the power of your data to realize the potential of your organization!

Q-Net Report Sapphire is a dynamic business intelligence tool that puts you in control of all your information, and puts that information to work for organization. Through real-time reporting, dynamic analytics, and customizable reports, you’ll see your company in a whole new light.

We call this Total View. Where other software provides snapshots, Q-Net Report Sapphire gives a complete look up and down your business information tree—all your systems, all at once, in real time. It’s one thing to know what has happened in your organization. Our Total View approach can tell you what is happening now.

Whether it’s across the room or across the globe, Q-Net Report Sapphire provides a revolutionary way to use data.

Powerful capabilities
  • Compatible with all common browsers
  • Optimized for tablet and smartphone technologies
  • iOS application available for iPad and iPhone
  • Updated user interface
  • Increased performance
  • Animated and responsive charting
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Advanced sorting and filtering options
  • Enhanced export functionality
  • Create complex reports in a single format
  • Multi-Language support
  • Customize with logos, charts, grids, text, images etc. for quality printable reports
  • Dynamic content ("drill down") capabilities
  • Easily export to Excel, PDF, HTML, XML formats
  • Customize reports with scripting features
  • Supports multiple scripting languages, including: VB.Net, JavaScript, C#

Reporting solutions that meet the requirements of global enterprise

In the face of a rapidly changing and digitally connected environment, businesses have access to enormous amounts of information—from the operation floor to parts and products in transit to the executive boardroom, and all levels in between. This massive compilation of data and business information represents every aspect of your company and holds information that is essential to managing your organization.

But having that data is not enough. You need to be able to analyze it fast and act on it faster—even if that information is siloed halfway around the world—or in multiple locations or different database formats.

That’s where Q-Net Report Sapphire comes in.

Q-Net Report Sapphire gives you a Total View of your organization—and the critical information it holds. With globally integrated supply, manufacturing, distribution, and business systems, even the smallest issues can cause big disruptions. And big disruptions lead to enormous costs in the form of equipment downtime, production delays, missed deadlines, quality control failures, and other operational issues—all with a direct impact on the bottom line.

Q-Net Report Sapphire connects you with all your systems data, allowing you to clearly see every aspect of your business, identify potential issues and make decisions based on the most accurate information. And it is truly scalable and completely customizable—making it the most cost effective solution available.

We give you a holistic view of your business information

Q-Net Report Sapphire gives your business the ability to collect all enterprise data—no matter how it is compartmentalized or stored, no matter what systems generates it, or where that system is located. Our enterprise-level solutions simultaneously pools and analyzes your data into one report, and then lets you customize your view to find exactly what you are looking for.

By simplifying the collection and standardization of operational information reporting, businesses can make better decisions, streamline systems, and control costs across the entire enterprise—all while utilizing a tool that can adapt and grow with you.

Just think, all your information in one place, in real time.

We work the way you work

Some reporting systems require you to shift your processes. Meaning you have to change the way you work, gather information, and organize your operations just to use some one-size-fits all solution. We think there is a better way.

Q-Net Report Sapphire has been specifically engineered to integrate with all your systems—Finance, Maintenance, Production, Process, Scheduling, Warehousing, etc.—adapting to your requirements and working with your processes and legacy systems.

We adapt to your business

We don’t provide black box solutions. We work with you, learn about your unique needs and requirements, then we create the customized solutions you need to meet your business goals.

Q-Net Report Sapphire delivers the most robust reporting capabilities available, for any organization of any size, from analysis reports for a manufacturing single system to standard corporate applications to multinational firms managing information and assets across the globe.

We work where you are

Manufacturing doesn’t happen in one place, at one time. Today, manufacturing is everywhere—global supply chains, multiple assembly points, real-time and on-demand construction, round-the-clock operations, and sophisticated distribution networks—all working together, all in different locations.

That’s why it’s essential to have a business intelligence reporting system that can go anywhere, deleveraging the same capabilities and functionalities off-site as on-site. Q-Net Report Sapphire is completely mobile, compatible across multiple browsers and optimized for mobile operating systems. Now you can take Q-Net Report Sapphire with you—where ever you go—allowing you to have complete access to your information whether you are in the field, on the shop floor, or in the boardroom.

Q-Net Report Sapphire connects you with your information. Everywhere.

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