Grievance System Administrator

Grievance System Administrator (GSA) is a labor force and employee management tool that helps firms, streamline their grievance reporting and compliance process. This highly-specialized solution ensures the accurate and timely filing, processing, response, and follow-up of formal labor contractual issues and/or complaints to employee or union committees. A cost-effective and stable solution, GSA is ideal for any firm engaged in collective bargaining or with similar reporting needs.

A highly configurable, scalable, and cost effective way to manage your grievance program

Today’s HR managers, administrators, and union representatives face a range of unique challenges. Interactions and issues between employees and management must be documented, especially when formal grievances are filed. That’s where GSA can make a difference for your organization.

It all starts with a grievance, and GSA is there to accurately record and process everything—across your entire enterprise. The user is presented with standardized and customizable screens for entering all of the pertinent and relevant details required to file the grievance, following system prompts that make sure everything is entered correctly and accurately and in accordance with best practices and legal requirements.

Once the grievance has been entered, the software will guide you through each step of the process. Email notifications can be automatically or manually sent to concerned parties, making them aware of their requirement to engage. Every interaction is time-stamped, along with a user name, and saved to a history.

Grievance System Administrator ensures clear visibility and recordkeeping throughout the entire grievance process.

How Grievance System Administrator can help you manage your processes
  • Include attachments to a grievance type
  • Use your Union and Corporate graphics
  • Supports group filings and class action suits
  • Integrate with corporate HR systems
  • Capability to integrate with legacy corporate password utilities
  • Comprehensive search and reporting utilities
  • Cost and time savings
  • Ease of navigation
  • Email notifications
  • Summary data is viewable regardless of active page / screen
  • Proven security

Adapting to your business and systems

We know that each client has a unique set of requirements—especially those dealing with multiple employee classifications, locations, and legal situations. That’s why we developed our grievance solution to be adaptable from the ground up. When it comes to customization, nearly anything is possible—from processes to reports, to the graphics and interface. It is our goal to make our product work for you, seamlessly and easily.

And that customizability does not end with the product launch, as your collective bargaining agreement requirements evolve, the software will provide you with the flexibility to alter and change the way you process grievances and generate reports.

GSA puts you in control, allowing you to even configure the Grievance Unique Identification naming format and mandate which data entry fields are mandatory. We know how often and how things can change, and we developed a system that includes the tools for you to adapt.

Complete integration

The capability to integrate with existing corporate HR systems is essential—especially for large companies with more locations. Everything must work together, and will little or no friction points.

That’s the advantage GSA delivers. We specialize in developing large-scale enterprise-level solutions capable of integrating with your existing systems—from personal databases to other secure employee information repositories. This allows you to keep staffing details synchronized across your company and provides a more streamlined user experience for the data entry staff and HR management. Additionally, we provide utilities to migrate your existing grievances into the system, eliminating the need to run redundant systems or maintain legacy systems to manage old data.

With GSA, system data overlap issues are virtually eliminated—you can trust the information you are looking at, no matter where you are. That’s the power of our-up-and down system integration.

Accessible from anywhere, connected everywhere

Even the best data is useless if you can’t access and see it when you want, where you want. For today’s global enterprise that means online.

GSA delivers web–based accessibility that has been specifically engineered to support multiple facilities, off-site locations, and virtually everywhere your business is. This accessibility empowers employees, union representatives, and HR managers with reliable actionable information—updated across your entitle business. And because it was created to be accessed in-the-field or in-the-office, usability and consistency are maintained across all devices and platforms.

Your employees are everywhere, your HR solutions need to be there, too.

Communicate effectively

As with all HR related issues, clear communication and record keeping is key. This is additionally true for businesses with collective bargaining agreements and union representation structures. GSA solves this dilemma through transparent communication and reporting that puts the right information in front of the right individuals safely, securely, in compliance with all best practice standards.

All parties are kept informed throughout the grievance process though email notifications and alerts and information can be processed into a number of pre-set reports, or customized into ad hoc reports to address a specific business need or situation.

Reporting and Data Analysis is king! What good is capturing data if you can't easily make sense out of it and manage your business? With GSA, we'll create a number of "canned" reports for you and you'll have the instant ability to create virtually any ad hoc report. With GSA you can search by any data entry field, or combination of data fields, and create an associated report. And reports can be accessed across multiple platforms— PC, Mac, or mobile device.

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