Q-Inventory Management

Q-Inventory Management provides a real-time view of your organizations inventory, in its entirety, from the top down and the bottom up. It is capable of giving a detailed look at all materials, assets, and other resources and provides that detail across your entire enterprise. This highly-flexible solution allows you to check-in and check out items while enforcing supply chain and accounting management rules including FIFO/LIFO or JIT as required by your organization. Highly adaptable it makes inventory reporting and tracking quick, efficient, and actionable. Lean manufacturing requires lean inventory management. Q-Inventory Management provides all the necessary tools to visualize your inventory, setting the foundation for superior supply-chain management.

A highly versatile and dynamic tool for boosting efficiency and managing inventory

Today’s global organizations face enormous pressures to control costs. Managing an efficient and lean inventory is an essential requirement for any organization to keep its manufacturing operation and bottom line under control. For large companies or organizations with multiple locations and varied inventories, that level of efficiency can be especially challenging.

Not having a direct overview of where the inventory is at a given moment, or how it flows within the supply-chain, can impede both efficiency and product quality. And that can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Q-Inventory Management allows you to graphically represent your storage areas (both single and multi-tiered storages) and assign logical addresses to each. Criteria including size and weight constraints can also be associated to each of these individual locations, or group of locations. Q-Inventory Management also allows for specific material types—part numbers, SKU codes, or other designation information, to be associated with specific locations. This selective virtual sorting prevents mixing of components within the storage area and can help maintain inventory integrity and ensure safety standards by not allowing certain components to be stored in environments where cross contamination or flammability could become an issue.

Inventory represents more than the raw materials, parts, and equipment needed to produce products and services. It also represents a significant outlay of capital. And like other assets, inventory requires proper accounting to make sure everything is where it needs to be, and to make sure that resources are allocated property across the organization.

Q-Inventory Management provides those capabilities, delivering all the necessary tools to visualize and manage your inventory, keeping track of everything—where it is, when it got there, when it left, and where it is going. This up-to-date view of your inventory, with controlled check-in and check-out mechanisms, ensures proper flow of raw materials and will maximize the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Keep track of everything—everywhere

  • Enhanced graphical views to visualize storage areas, inventory, and material-flow
  • Interactive, user-friendly front-end to graphically setup new storage locations/areas within a facility
  • Configurable lean-management concepts to fit your organizations requirement
  • Support for “aging” components within the inventory process before use
  • Extensive user access management
  • Multi-lingual support (both single byte and multi byte languages)

Adapting to your business requirements

Every business or organization is different, with varied requirements. And those needs change, almost constantly—sometimes on a global scale. To keep up with these changing requirements, and to keep up with the inventory needs of today’s manufacturing enterprise, you need a tool that is equally powerful and adaptable.

And that’s what Q-Inventory Management delivers—scalable adaptability, and powerful traceability for inventory.

Q-Inventory Management integrates a wide range of check-in and check-out interfaces, with configurable software modules that can be installed on a range of equipment, from hand-held scanners (with integrated screens) and touch-screen devices to fork-lift mounted RF readers—putting inventory management capabilities on the floor. Fork-lift drivers, logistics operations supervisors, even project managers are provided with the “right” request, based on the configured structure. And because different sub-inventories may require different rules for use, Q-Inventory Management can be changed on the fly to meet evolving needs or criteria.

Q-Inventory Management’s interfaces access existing production planning systems, providing requests based on an established set of predetermined specifications. This allows real-time information to be gathered, sorted, and aggregated—providing a clear look as inventory is moved throughout your supply chain.

Improved traceability through enhanced tracking

Traceability is essential for manufacturing businesses. The ability to identify the smallest part or component, and find it across a global enterprise, and then track its movements can save a lot of money in the face of a recall or other business issue. And having the right stuff on hand at the right time and in the right quantities can reduce downtime, improving manufacturing throughput.

True complete end-to-end traceability begins with inventory—parts, components, raw materials, and other resources—all assembled in multiple locations, and sometimes in transit. But having the right inventory is not enough, you need to be able to track, trace, and manage it.

Q-Inventory Management provides extensive tools to repack incoming and/or outgoing materials, while still ensuring all traceability aspects. It also allows you to “break” large modules containing thousands of parts to smaller batches and then generate the required barcodes necessary to ensure underlying traceability and accountability. This top-down/bottom-up view delivers traceability across your organization at whatever scale your require.

Real-time management

With inventory scattered across multiple locations, sometimes in different countries and on different continents, knowing what is where and when can be increasingly difficult. There are times when knowing not only where a pallet or container is—but also what is on that pallet or container, and where it came from—is essentials. Q-Inventory Management monitors inventory levels and status of inventory/storage utilization in real-time, across your entire supply chain, so when something moves, you know it. This real-time view improves and enhances material flow within your organization, reducing costs related to stock management, inventory, and quality control.

Easy integration for efficient tracking and management

Q-Inventory Management integrates directly with Q-Net Report Sapphire, Q-Dashboards, and Q-Marquee, making it possible to create adhoc reports and perform detailed analyses with ease. By integrating into your back office systems—including legacy systems—Q-Inventory Management provides clear visibility to your supply chain, and ensures that financial and productivity reporting are up to date and accurate.

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