Q-Dashboard provides real-time visualization tools that display your key performance indicators and performance metrics, allowing you to monitor and analyze your enterprise. With Q-Dashboard, you gain detailed visibility into departments, processes, and locations across your organization. The customizable dashboard views make it easier to gauge overall performance and capture specific data points and markers as they happen.

An at-a-glance view of your KPIs—and your organization

Q-Dashboard allows you to monitor systems across the various segments of your organization, letting you capture and report specific data points and provide performance snapshots.

In today’s business intelligence and data-driven world, dashboards provide the visualization tools to consolidate and arrange all your necessary business information on a single screen—and tailor that view for the specific user. Fully customizable, Q-Dashboards can pull real-time data from multiple sources and integrate all forms of data—from bar charts and line charts to virtual gages displaying real-time information. This in-the-now capability can reduce time needed to analyze and understand data by presenting it clearly, efficiently, and actionably. For complex operations, the ability to simplify and synthesize complex data efficiently and visually can boost performance and improve oversight and efficiently.

Real-time displays allow you to identify an issue as it happens—or before it affects operations or productivity—and then drill down to greater detail for effective decision-making. This makes your business data more dynamic, useful, and actionable.

Fully scalable, Q-Dashboard is capable of tracking all functions for your enterprise—manufacturing and production, shipping and logistics, human resources, sales, operations, security, information technology, project management, customer relationship management, even news and weather—making it an ideal tool for global organizations. Q-Dashboards can display virtually any data point. For smaller organizations, Q-Dashboard can track important activities across a range of functions and can grow with your business.

Q-Dashboard delivers a clear view on your enterprise, in real-time.

Key Features

  • Real-time visualization tools
  • Fully customizable and configurable, it allows you to modify refresh rates
  • Capable of integrating data from multiple sources
  • Can visualize multiple KPIs and monitor the impact of each on overall enterprise performance
  • Supports multiple languages

Go visual for better decision-making

As an information management tool, Q-Dashboards displays KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to your operation. It serves up information as it happens—with no need to run multiple reports to observe the status of systems or monitor your operation; you get it in real-time. This makes it an essential component of business intelligence or data-focused operational decision-making. Through data visualizations, it can simplify complex data sets, providing users with at-a-glance views of current operational performance across a range of systems.

As operational data becomes more complex and disparate, data visualization allows you to present it in a pictorial or graphical format, enabling decision makers to see complicated analytical points visually—and simply. This can make understanding difficult concepts, patterns, or tends easier, leading to better, more informed business decisions or faster responses to potential problems or bottlenecks.

Data visualization is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner—providing big opportunities for the smallest firms, or large global firms with locations in different countries. Q-Dashboard make data visualization and communication simple, efficient, and integrated with other business systems.

Complete integration

Q-Dashboard is powered by our Q-Net Report Sapphire reporting engine and can provide complex data analysis in real-time and in an auto-updating format that reflects current trends and statistics. The system is optimized for Q-Marquee and can be used with other display programs.

Customized views

Q-Dashboard are configurable to provide “views” to key personnel, allowing them to track performance specific to their departments and needs. This makes it ideal for organizations with multiple levels of management or controls. Information can be aggregated and shared across the enterprise, visually and in real-time, so that the data can be seen and used by the specific individuals and teams that need it—when they need it.

Q-Dashboard presents the right information, at the right place, to the right people, at the right time.

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