Application Development

In many cases, our clients are not fully versed in the development technologies and methodologies that are available. Or maybe there are manufacturing techniques that you have not been exposed to. Whichever the case, not having a good understanding of the tools will hinder the Functional Requirements/Specification process. These early phases of the project will dictate from the start how smooth the entire development process will be. Quantum follows strict project management methodologies to take a project from conception to completion. In all cases we prefer to work with you on the front end to develop the specification for you. Our expertise in developing state of the art manufacturing information systems coupled with your specific process knowledge will ensure that your investment in a new system is wisely spent.

Process Improvement

Is it time to update your legacy systems? Quantum is ready to provide you with detailed analysis of your current applications. We'll provide you with detailed reports including: station cycle times, material handling response times, unplanned downtimes, preventative maintenance, man / machine interaction, etc. So quit putting out fires by adding patches to those obsolete legacy systems. Give Quantum a call and let us develop a long term solution for you.

We’re ready to answer your questions, discuss your needs, and deliver solutions that exceed your goals.

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