Q-Safety provides businesses an affordable, user configurable, and secure solution for managing key safety information process data across an entire enterprise. Developed for equipment managers, health and safety personnel, or other corporation leadership, it offers a centralized system for inputting, tracking, and facilitating safety initiatives—and enacting them against OSHA requirements. By standardizing planning and reporting, Q-Safety empowers stakeholders and allows for comprehensive equipment safety reporting at all levels of a business organization. Q-Safety makes it easier to keep your business, and your employees, safe.

Managing safety protocols, procedures and processes, across business operations

Q-Safety is a powerful data management solution, specifically designed to handle the safety reporting needs of today’s diverse enterprise. At a time when audits, reporting, and compliance costs are rising—having a system in place to track equipment audit history, maintain safety records and documentation, and keep staff up-to-date on all required maintenance can save your business time and money. Failed or incomplete audits can lead to potential safety hazards, OSHA fines, unscheduled downtime, the unplanned allocation of administrative resources, and other unexpected issues—all of which can have a negative impact on overall productivity, your bottom line, and the safety of your employees.

With out-of-the-box reporting capabilities, easy customization, and web-based access, Q-Safety gets you up and running fast, while also integrating with your legacy systems and other data sources. Effectively manage every aspect of equipment safety—from training, audit, inspection, and maintenance. The simple-to-use interface is intuitive and customizable to your unique needs or specific situations, delivering multi-language support and quick access to all equipment documentation from the shop floor to the loading docks to the boardroom. And all the information can be accurately analyzed and quickly exported making internal and external audits easier.

With Q-Safety, your critical equipment safety information is stored securely in one place.

Why Q-Safety?
  • Maintain equipment safety details, and documentation, in a single location
  • Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of data collection attributes

  • Gives you out-of-the box, ad hoc, or custom reporting capabilities
  • Definable search filters for quick access to equipment and documentation

  • Web-based to access data, when, and where you need it
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • Maintains document version control
  • Simple user interface, customizable to your needs and standards

  • Multi-levels of password protection ensure the integrity of sensitive data
  • Multi-language support

Maintaining equipment safety details and documentation just got easier

Today’s manufacturing and industrial environments carry high levels of risk. Especially when dealing with complex equipment. To mitigate those risks, and to comply with the constantly changing regulations and standards, businesses—especially those engaged in manufacturing operations that require heavy machinery, automation, robotics, and sophisticated distribution networks—must be able to manage all relevant equipment attribute information. This information is critical for safety audits.

Q-Safety delivers the capability to manage critical safety process information and OSHA requirements. A cost effective and flexible solution, it allows you to track audit history and plan when equipment audits are needed. Q-Safety tracks all your information and keeps a comprehensive history, making it accessible 24/7/365.

Through a standard web browser, you have unlimited access unlimited reports—instantly. Supported devices include:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac

You can easily access your local, state, federal OSHA mandated documentation and audit history, to ensure compliance across your entire organization.

With support for multiple languages and a secure foundation to keep your data safe, Q-Safety is a true enterprise level solution. It combines out-of-the-box reporting capabilities, with advanced customizations and connectivity to integrate with other business systems.

Access and manage safety audit data and information

By allowing users to access information securely through a web browser, Q-Safety gives enterprise-level businesses the ability to engage with essential data in truly meaningful ways—and in real-time, anywhere in the world.

When you can manage audit and compliance data, you can make better business decisions, limit unscheduled down time and most importantly, insure a safe working environment for your employees. Q-Safety’s ability to cross barriers—location, language, data type—makes it the ideal solution for organizations with multiple locations and a diverse range of equipment.

Controlling costs and managing compliance

Failure to manage and track safety audit data and initiatives can be extremely problematic for your business. Inaccurate, lost, or incomplete information can lead to delays in reporting that can shut down operations and result in an unsafe work environment. This is one of the many unique challenges facing today’s facilities management teams—finding effective ways to manage critical data.

The system is optimized to facilitate the Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures essential for OSHA compliance. This includes all necessary documentation, reporting, and sorting so your workforce and management have the up-to-date information necessary to create and maintain a safe work environment.

Q-Safety eliminates reporting and compliance issues by providing an affordable, configurable, and secure enterprise solutions for managing equipment attributes, essential documents, and processes information.

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