Q-Marquee delivers real-time visibility to the entire work-force, providing a clear look at relevant data, key indicators, and other critical and non-critical business information in a variety of display formats, across the entire enterprise—all in real time. From performance metrics, alerts, announcements, and other communication points, Q-Marquee can help you can drastically reduce both reaction and downtimes through clear and open visual communication.

See everything—clearly, in one place and in-real time, from handheld screens to the largest industrial display boards

There is a lot of information coming in to your operation—internal and external, and from a range of different and disparate systems. To use this information in real-time, your workforce needs to be able to see it. And to see it, it needs to be sorted, aggregated, translated, and displayed in a way that is straightforward and intuitive. No one has time to flip through clipboards, and using multiple displays for multiple pools of information can lead to costly delays and errors. Today’s manufacturing operations require all relevant data, in one place, at one time—displayed clearly and efficiently.

And while it might sound simple—it’s not.

Q-Marquee solves this problem by becoming the single point of integration and visibility for all your systems, pulling data from a range of sources and then delivering to your entire organization. By giving you the ability to display information in a way that works for your operation, you achieve something we like to call “ClearView”—complete visibility, served up dynamically and on your terms.

What Q-Marquee can do
  • Easily consolidate information from many data sources
  • Transform critical information from high-speed data input formats
  • Easily integrates with ETL environments for efficient data extraction and tailoring
  • Interactive, user-friendly interface for data modeling and interface setup
  • Integrates with ERP systems
  • Multi-lingual support (supports both single byte and multi byte languages)
  • Extensive user access management

Presenting the information your workforce needs

With the complexity and speed of manufacturing increasing every day, real-time actionable information is more essential than ever. But what makes that information actionable—and actually useable? While reports and reporting are good tools for seeing where you were and where you hope to go, today’s industrial and manufacturing workforce needs to know where they are right now. And they need to be able to know, and see clearly, what is happening. Without top-down and bottom-up visibility, workers, managers, and executives don’t have a complete picture. And without a complete picture, you can't make the right decisions.

That’s what Q-Marquee delivers: The ability to create a complete picture for your entire operation, and then display it for your entire organization.

Q-Marquee gives you the ability to stream the essential information to industrial display boards, electronic bulletin boards, computer monitors, even high-definition TV screens, allowing your workforce to have the information they need to work in the moment. This real time information display capability providing management and supervisors the opportunity to make adjustments and anticipate issues before they can negatively impact your operation.

By saving time and resources, and providing access to centralized and disparate data sources, Q-Marquee gives your workforce the ability to make rapid and informed decisions, and gives management the added benefit of a “single source of truth”—one report or information display that contains all the pertinent data from all the relevant sources. This unified view means greater accountability.

In addition to being able to graphically and numerically display key performance indicators and other data, Q-Marquee is a dynamic communication platform, capable of delivering both critical and non-critical messaging at the same time. A range of display options and formats means that Q-Marquee can adapt to your needs. From tickers, to graphics, to animations, to alert notifications, your workforce will have one information dashboard—centrally controlled and capable of receiving information from a range of systems and sources.

Clear flexibility

Your employees have a lot of responsibilities, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish, and there is a lot of information for them to process as they are working. From the team on the floor operating the equipment, to the managers and quality assurance officers managing the processes and outputs, to the executives and leadership making decisions daily—and sometimes in-the-moment based on a range of factors—there is a lot of information that needs to be shared throughout your organization. The challenge is to serve up the information in a way that is actionable, but not intrusive.

Multiple display options

Manufacturing is a diverse industry, with a range of employees performing a variety of tasks—all in multiple locations. The information one team needs, may not be the information another team needs. The same goes for how that information is displayed. One-size-fits-all simply won’t work. Q-Marquee provides a range of display formats. You are not restricted to LED display/ANDON boards with their limited color options and image sharpness. Through a superior GUI you get the ability for complete customization—and the flexibility to use high-resolution displays. That means information can be shared in a way that is easy to see, understand, and digest.

Complete visual integration

It’s one thing to collect information from a range of different sources, slam it it together, crunch the numbers, generate reports, and catalog for later use. It’s another thing to take that information—some collected in real-time—and interpret it, aggregate it and then display it in one streamlined display system, across your entire enterprise. If everyone is looking at the same information, at the same time, there is less confusion and more clarity. By standardizing data across the organization into a “single source of truth,” Q-Marquee makes it possible for everyone in your organization to have the necessary visibility at all times.

Top-down, bottom-up clarity

When it comes to manufacturing enterprise, what’s “true” for one team may not be “true” for another—especially when everyone is relying on manually generated reports or displays. These natural discrepancies can make it hard to spot potential issues and plan accordingly. This resource allows both workforce and management to see progress toward operational and production goals based on a single stream of collected and collated data—so everyone is using the same information and at the same time. Specifically designed for high-resolution monitors and screens, it provides you with simple, easy-to-use interfaces to display both graphical and numeric information in real-time and with complete customization and back-end integration. Now the entire workforce, from the boardroom through the shop floor can see the same thing, clearly and efficiently.

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